Saturday, 17 January 2015

Book Review: F In Exams

I’m sure everyone has seen the types of questions that make up this book, whether in a book, in the paper or on the news. I had wanted to get this book for quite a while but couldn’t justify paying even a couple of quid for a book that I would finish reading within hours that doesn’t even have a story to it, so when I saw it on Amazon Kindle store for 99p earlier in the month, I bought it straight away.

If you haven’t seen this book, I’ll post the blurb as that is the best way for me to describe it!

Q: What happens to a boy when he reaches puberty? A: He says goodbye to childhood and enters adultery.  
Q: How can you prevent milk turning sour? A: Keep it in the cow.  
We’ve all been there. You’ve been studying hard, the day of the BIG test arrives, you turn over the paper, and ‘what the *&%@ does that mean?!’ Not a clue.  
Some students, rather than admit defeat, choose to adopt a more creative approach to answering those particularly awkward exam questions.  
Packed full of hilarious examples, this book will bring a smile to the face of teachers, parents and students alike – and anyone who’s ever had to sit a test.

It is stylised to look as though the questions and answers have come straight from an exam paper, which I think is quite a quirky way to format the book, though one of the major things I disliked about this (and I’m not sure if it is because I am a closet cynic) is that it didn’t seem as though all of the answers were written by a student. Some of the answers were quite entertaining but for me, it seemed as though there were quite a few answers that were written by an author as an attempt at comedy, as opposed to a student genuinely answering an exam question, and I didn’t find it terribly believable.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy reading the majority of the book. It took me an hour to read though after a while, I have to admit that I got quite bored of it, though this is more to do with my personality than the type of the book.
Overall, it was a good and fun way to pass the time and have a little laugh at, but I won’t be buying the rest of the books in the series, not even if they, too, are reduced to 99p.

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  1. I've seen some of these before, I think they're more fun in smaller doses rather than a whole book of them though! Hope you're having a nice weekend.

    Corinne x

    1. Definitely agree - they're much better in smaller doses than spending an hour reading the book - I found it got quite repetitive in the end!
      - Taisie


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