Sunday, 29 June 2014

Why I am proud to have failed

When I was seventeen, I had an interview for a university at which I had applied to study medicine. I don't recall much about the interview or many of the things I spoke about with the interviewer but I will always remember one question she asked me: have you ever failed?

The butterbird

I had a very traumatic experience today. Very traumatic.
I was standing around, minding my own business, when a butterbird came flying up and hit my boyfriend in the stomach. It flew away without my boyfriend realising but I kept looking at it to try to determine if it was a butterfly or a bird. It was black and seemed too big to be a butterfly but didn’t really have the body of a bird.
I went back to daydreaming and before long the butterbird came back… But this time it attacked me! Instead of just flying into me and flying off, it seemed to linger and fly around in my personal space.
Meanwhile, all my boyfriend could do was laugh while I was calming myself down after panicking!

Peace, love and happiness
- Taisie 

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