Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Boots Haul 30/6/2014

Yesterday, I finally went down to Boots to use my birthday gift card! I bought a few pieces of makeup and skincare items that I have had before but already/almost used up but there were also a few new items that I am super excited to try out!

No 7
Both of these are products that I already own but am quickly running out of. I thought that since it was my birthday, it would be the perfect time to treat myself and replenish my supplies. One of the main problems I feel I have with my skin is the fact that my pores are quite noticeable so I am always looking for products to minimise their appearance. Reviews on these items to follow.

Maybelline 2
I suffer quite a bit with dry lips so lip balms and Vaseline are my best friend. I have heard a lot of people rave about how good these Maybelline products are so I feel like I am joining the bandwagon a bit late but nevermind. I ended up getting the Hydrate one to see if it can help cure and prevent my dry lips. I also decided to take advantage of the offer Boots currently have on Maybelline products (buy one get one half price), so I purchased the Pink Punch variation as well. I quite liked the idea of having a lip balm with colour as I like wearing lipstick but don't feel it is appropriate for my place of work. I was ultimately torn between the Pink Punch and the Cherry Me colours (the Peach Kiss looked a little too coral for my liking at the moment) but since I had recently purchased a Cherry lip balm from Asda, I decided to go for the Pink Punch. I am so excited to try it out! Reviews to follow as soon as I have!

Maybelline 1
Again these two products are ones that I already own but need to replace. They aren't my favourite products, but they each have their good points and I'm not quite ready to live without them just yet! Again, reviews to follow.

I can't recall ever having had any L'Oreal products before! The primary purpose for me buying these was a) I wanted to get a loose powder foundation for summer and b) there is currently a 3 for 2 offer on L'Oreal products. I needed a new mascara as well as I have had a few eye problems recently which I think may have been caused by bacteria on my current (and nearly out of date) mascara. To take advantage of the offer, I decided to get a cream to help hide my pores. As mentioned before, I have a problem with prominent pores and since we are starting to get warmer weather, the likelihood is that I will want to wear less makeup but be too conscious of my skin. So, I am hoping this product will enable me to feel more confident without makeup on/with minimal makeup on during the hot summer months. As always, reviews to follow.
No 7 brush
Boots pretty much always have offers on, and there was a 3 for 2 on No7 skincare when I went yesterday. I had been tempted to get two of the Pore Minimising Serums so I could use the product less sparingly as I would be less afraid of running out, but when I saw the brush I changed my mind. In addition to the fact that I felt I would have more to show for my money by getting the brush, I hope it will make the current laborious process of removing my makeup and cleansing my face a little easier. So yes, I did get the brush because I am lazy. You can probably guess what I am going to say next, but a review will follow.

First of all, I want you all to be aware that there is a buy one get one free offer online with Boots at the moment - I got this in store so I missed out on the opportunity to get another sports nutrition product for free! Anyways, the motivation for me getting this is that I am starting to take the gym a bit more seriously now and I bought some protein powder a few days ago. My boyfriend has more than enough bottles but I wanted my own one and I can definitely say he won't be borrowing this one any time soon! Although it doesn't have an extra compartment for more protein or tablets (I had seen one on Holland and Barrett that had both of these add-ons), I liked the fact that it has the wire whisk inside to ensure the powder is completely blended for a better drink.
So that is all from me for this haul. Overall, the complete cost was a little over £95, which isn't uncommon for me to spend at Boots; if I had the money, I would buy the entire store! In all seriousness, I did spend a lot there but I went with the intention of spending quite a bit of money and I had the gift card from my birthday so it hit my personal pockets a little less. All in all, I would say that it has been quite a successful haul and I can't wait to try out the new products.
Thanks for reading!
Peace, love and happiness
- Taisie ♥

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