Thursday, 25 September 2014

Makeup Review: L'Oreal Paris True Match Minerals Foundation

I bought the L’Oreal Paris True Match Minerals Foundation a few months ago. Before I bought this, I was very much a liquid foundation girl as I felt like it gave me much better coverage. After all, the only other coloured powder I had truly used was the Maybelline Fit Me powder, which is a fairly light powder that doesn’t add much coverage.
After using this product, I am quite torn between liquid and powder foundations and I really want to try out more powders now.
True Match Minerals

The L’Oreal Paris True Match Minerals Foundation offers quite a medium coverage that evens out my skin tone while keeping a natural makeup-less look to my face. I tend to use this to set my liquid powder and offer slightly more coverage, though sometimes I will use it by itself when I am in a rush and don’t want a thick layer of foundation on my face. This foundation is incredibly fast to apply and fairly easy to blend and I find that it lasts a long time and keeps my face a lot more matte than liquid foundations.
However it does have its disadvantages as well.
While it is handy to have the brush as part of the product, I find the bristles can be quite harsh and scratchy on my skin and I have to apply quite a lot of pressure to the brush for the powder to completely cover my pores. In addition, I find there aren’t many shades of the foundation; I have fairly pale skin yet even using the lightest shade of this powder, if I apply too much it looks very orange. Plus, I find the powder gets everywhere. I don’t know if this is because I am inept at applying the product or if it just seems messier because it is so pigmented but I always seem to end up with a ton of powder over my clothes.
Another thing that I initially thought was disappointing about this is the price tag. It is £14.99 per bottle, which I find, is quite expensive to pay out at once. However the product lasts so long that the price isn’t actually that bad when it is spread out over the length of the product.
Ultimately, this powder has expanded my view on what powders can be used for and I think it is definitely something that I'll continue to buy when I run out as it is so easy to apply quickly and adds a nice coverage.
Quality: 8/10
Application: 5/10
Appearance: 8/10
Duration: 8/10
Value: 5/10
Overall: 7/10

- Taisie 


  1. Great Post, I've just bought this but ive got a tan so I have to wait a while to try it but now after reading this I'm dying to try it.
    Kate x

    1. I do quite like it. Recently, I've been using it to add a bit of colour to my face after applying my liquid foundation and it works really well! And even though I've used it quite a few times, it doesn't actually look like I've used any so it should last a while :) x


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