Monday, 7 July 2014

9 Things I Love, July 2014

I have been thinking about some of the things I have been loving recently and I came up with this list of 9 items. Enjoy the read!

  1. Travelling - New York City: I went to New York in January this year for a few days though looking back, I don't feel as though I got as much out of my time there as I could have. I think this was partially due to the -10C weather; my boyfriend and I were wrapped up in six or seven layers but we were still cold walking around the streets of New York, meaning we couldn't focus on the little things as we were trying to find somewhere to warm up! There is an awful lot to do in New York and I don't think 4 days there is enough, especially during winter when it is light late and dark early! On my bucket list: Visit New York (again!)New York
  2. Music - Earth Song by Michael Jackson: for some reason, I have been loving this song recently. I think it is such an emotive and powerful piece of music and I want to listen to it over and over!
  3. Food - breadsticks!: I adored breadsticks when I was younger. We had them at virtually every tea-party my family hosted and I always stood next to the breadstick bowl. A few days ago, I was shopping with my boyfriend and I saw some breadsticks - blast to the past! Fast forward to the evening and the entire box was gone... Oops? It probably didn't help that we started eating them before we even got to the car park but I was so excited and they are incredibly addictive!
  4. Weather - the rain: OK, so I know it's supposed to be summer but when has that meant a sun in England? I was chilling at my mum's yesterday and it started hammering it down. The rain was awful but luckily, I was indoors and when I left it had stopped raining. However, there was something quite comforting about sitting only three feet away from an open door when it was raining outside. I was a little chilly but it was nice to hear the rain while staying dry and comfortable.
  5. Bad TV - Big Brother: I didn't even know Big Brother had started this year until I saw someone post something about it on my Facebook page. I don't particularly watch much TV and as it happens, I started watching Big Brother about two or three weeks after it started (thank you catch up TV!). It's not the best program as it is a very basic premise that has been exploited for perhaps a few too many years but I find it quite fascinating to watch from a psychological point of view in terms of how people promote themselves on their VTs and then change throughout their time in the house, whether because they have been affected by their time in the house or because their facade is slipping and the real them is shining through. It is not a program that I watch religiously but if I am chilling on my laptop, I'll stick BB on as a bit of background noise.10365794_706099289475324_1394399166313741799_n
  6. Cereal - Coco Pops: I don't think this one is going to change any time soon. I have been eating Coco Pops since I was a nipper, I can't remember ever eating anything but this cereal choice! If I could, I would eat Coco Pops morning, noon and evening. There's just something about the crunch of the cereal combined with the refreshingly cold chocolatey milk. Too bad it isn't a particularly healthy food choice.
  7. Clothes - maxi skirt: I only own one maxi skirt, which is a result of my height (it is hard to find a maxi skirt that is actually full length for someone as tall as I am) and also the fact that I don't tend to go out much so I don't really need more than one skirt. Hello, Hermit here! I got my current black maxi skirt from New Look last year and I think it is quite a summery item of clothing. It isn't as restrictive as trousers are and the fact that it is so long means it keeps me fairly warm during the colder summer days. I think it's quite an easy piece of clothing as well as it can be paired with a cropped shirt and sandals and you don't even have to shave your legs which is perfect if you're going out last minute! Win win situation.
  8. TV program - Prison Break: I only started watching this about two months ago and initially, I was addicted. I was unsure how Michael's plan was going to unfold and I was on the edge of my seat for the entire first season. I have to say that the second season is a little disappointing to me, though I wasn't expecting it to be as riveting as the first due to the fact that the circumstances have changed. That being said, I still want to battle through the rest of the series as I don't like leaving shows unwatched, similar to how I hate leaving books unread! Hopefully I'll be able to get back into it and it won't take me too long to finish the show.
  9. Chocolate - Fair-trade chocolate: I love love love Fairtrade chocolate. Not only does it ensure farmers are paid fairly for their work and produce, but it also tastes a lot richer and more luxurious than non-Fairtrade chocolate without breaking the bank. I got a 45g bar for only 55p, which is about the same price - if not less - you would pay for a non-Fairtrade bar. Maybe it is the fact that it promotes sustainability to farmers in developing countries that makes it taste nicer? Either way, Fairtrade chocolate is definitely a big YES for me. And, of course, it is never to early for chocolate!Never too early
I tag each and every one of you who read this - let me know some of the things that you love!

Peace, love and happiness
- Taisie ♥

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