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The First Date Tag

First Date Tag
I was looking on Bloglovin yesterday and I saw a tag that I thought was really fun on a blogger site called Nina in the Spring. Although I've only ever been on two first dates, I thought the tag was such a great idea as it reveals quite a bit of the author's personality, style and beliefs so I decided to do it myself.

1. How long does it take you to get ready for a date? 
At a push, possibly 30-45 minutes. No pushing: probably 3 hours. Sounds like a lot, but I like taking my time and not having to rush. I would start off my routine by having a nice relaxing bath with a face mask and mini-manicure while reading a good book, followed by washing my hair and then tidying my eyebrows. I have quite a lot of hair so it can take a long while to blow-dry and style (hence where the bulk of the time to get ready comes from!) and then there is my makeup - which I tend to keep quite simple - and my outfit, which I have usually chosen long before the date in my excitement.

2. What's your idea of a perfect first date?
I am quite an unusual person in that I don't like going for dinner and a movie for a date. Don't get me wrong, I see the benefits of going for dinner (talking, getting to know one another, etc) but I'm not a huge food-lover and I think dinner and a film is plain and unoriginal, almost something someone would do if they couldn't think of a proper date to take you on. Not only that, but I can be quite awkward around people I don't know so I would definitely like to do something unusual that would bring me out of my shell and provide us both with a good time. As far as I am concerned, the weirder, the better. Ice skating, pottery-throwing, rock-climbing, a theme-park visit, bowling and Christmas carolling (despite my awful singing) would all be ideal first dates for me as they allow you to spend time together to talk while giving you something external to focus your attention on. It also gives you something to talk about so chances are, I'll be less awkward than if we were just sitting and talking at a meal!

3. What would you gravitate more towards to wear on a date?
Flat shoes. That is probably the only consistency I have between what I wear on different dates! I genuinely think the type of date and time of year reflects what to wear on a date. A summer day outdoors would more than likely be a dress and dolly shoes, carrying a cardigan in case I need it, whereas a winter date would be jeans, converse and a wooly jumper. One of the things I will always ensure is that I am comfortable with whatever I wear, hence the flat shoes. Going on a date is nerve-wracking enough, let alone adding the anxiousness of wearing clothes that you're not completely comfortable in or shoes that might hurt your feet after a few hours.

4. On the date of your choice what makeup would you wear?
As much as I would be tempted to go all out for the wow-factor, I ultimately think dates - even first dates - are about getting to know the true people behind the composed makeup and fancy clothes so I would try to tone it down and go for a more natural look, unless we are going somewhere I feel requires a well-made-up look. That being said, concealer, foundation, mascara and a little bit of a natural smokey eye would suffice for me, which isn't too different from my everyday makeup.

5. Your date says you have half an hour to be ready, what do you do? 

Rush! Ok, maybe not so much - I can do my daily makeup in ten leisurely minutes, so I could probably do date-makeup in about the same time, though it would me more rushed and less leisurely. In terms of hair, I would see how it looks naturally that day (usually not first-date standard!) and think of an updo to suit the type of outfit I was thinking of wearing, whether it is a topknot to suit a dress or a French plait to suit casual jeans. I tend to do updos for work so I can do one in only a few minutes which would be majorly beneficial in this circumstance!

6. Your date asks for the bill, do you ... (Offer to pay - with actual meaning to pay, make a fake fuss - with no intention of paying, expect him to pay straight away)? Do you go out with him again? 
If he asked me out, I would expect him to pay though I would be willing if necessary and if the total is a lot. On both first-dates I have been on, it has always been one planned event that has led to another spontaneous event which can end up being quite expensive so I have no qualms about dipping into my pocket in that circumstance. However, I would be a bit miffed if someone had asked me out and then expected me to pay, which is why I would pay if I had asked the guy out.
Unless he had been rude, disrespectful or ignorant in terms of paying, I see no reason for money to play a role in whether or not you are going to see someone again :)

7. It's time to say goodbye. You really like your date, do you ...
(Wave, hug, kiss on the cheek, peck, full on smooch)? 

Kiss on the cheek and a big, warm hug. That's a pretty standard one for me. I personally think first dates are getting to know people and since I don't tend to kiss people without knowing them really well, you can be 99% sure that I won't kiss anyone on a first date. I have no issues with people who do kiss on date # 1 and I know this probably makes me a little weird to have such a blanket rule but that is just who I am and how I feel :)

So that is the end of that post, I tag each and everyone of you who is reading this to complete the tag so we can all know a little bit more about you.

Peace, love and happiness
- Taisie ♥


  1. i like to take my time getting read as well, it probably takes me an hour and a half, two hours tops!

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram

    1. It's so much more relaxing taking your time to get ready... I have to rush to get ready for work in the morning and I find I'm much less adventurous with my hair and makeup because I know I don't have the time to fix it if it looks awful!

      - Taisie ♥


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