Friday, 29 August 2014

John Lewis Clearance Haul Summer 2014

Large Collage
At the end of July, I had a quick look on at the stuff they had in Clearance. I ended up finding a good bargain quite quickly – a £39 swimming costume for £11.90! I clicked on it and found that they only had a few left but my size was one of them! I thought this was a good omen so continued to look around the website and found 5 items in total that I thought were great bargains but even better clothes.

Jacket Collage
Probably the favourite item that I got is this jacket. It was originally £89 but I got it for £26.70! Even though it's not the most comfortable jacket due to the fact that the fabric isn't stretchy, I love how it adds class to any outfit and makes me look quite posh if I pair it with the right trousers/jeans.
Crochet Collage
This is my second favourite item. I saw it and immediately fell in love with the colouring and the general summer feel. I was torn between this sea-breeze colour and a coral colour but eventually decided on this one as it looked a little cooler (temperature-wise!). It consists of a white vest underneath with a hand-crocheted jumper attached by the shoulders. Originally priced at £48, I got it for £25! I just wish I had got the coral one too!
Swimsuit Collage
The white one with the pink trim around the neckline is the one that was reduced to £11.90, and the other one I was actually disappointed at when I opened the package (RRP £39, Clearance price around £19 I think?). On the website it looked much whiter with only a hint of green colouring, though when I saw it in real-life it turned out to be a lot greener. However, I love the artsy look to this swimsuit and the girly look to the white one with the bright coloured stamps and images. I could wear them both strapless as they have detachable straps, but I don't think I'll be doing that any time soon: they seem quite short, though I think that may be because of my long body. However, I do love the back to them both as well as the support in the front.
Kaliko Collage
When I saw this online, I thought it was a tight-fitted shirt made out of a cotton material, similar to a New Look one that I already own. When I opened it, however, I realised that it was a semi-see-through chiffon material without a lot of shape. I was incredibly tempted to take it back and I think the only two reasons I didn't were the price (I got it for £15!) and the fact that it is a casual formal shirt that I can see myself wearing for birthday meals and fancy events. However, I definitely wouldn't spend the RRP of £59 on this shirt!
That is all I got, though I think I could have easily spent hundreds of pounds on their site if I hadn't tore myself away before my debit card was completely abused! What are some of your favourite clothes purchases?
Peace, love and happiness

- Taisie ♥

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