Tuesday, 2 September 2014

September 2014 Goals

Last year I set myself the challenge of eating no McDonald's for the month of June. June passed, as did July and then August. Having that challenge made it fairly easy for me to forgo the chicken nuggets and McFlurrys so I transferred that onto other aspects of my life.
Pretty soon, life got in the way and I ended up forgetting all about the monthly goals. Recently, however, I have been feeling unsatisfied with life. I feel as though I waste a lot of my time and having so many things I wish to do with my life, I don't want to waste any more precious seconds of my life so I have decided to bring back my monthly goals.

  1. Finish reading Boys Don't Cry - I am currently 54% of my way through this book. It's quite good - a review will follow when I have finished!
  2. Read A Storm of Swords Part 1: Steel and Snow
  3. Read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (again!)
  4. Plan some scrapbooking - for my birthday, I bought some scrapbooking materials but am yet to actually do anything with them all. I need to get started before I lose all of my memorabilia!
  5. Get settled into an evening routine - I have a rough idea of the routine, I just need to ensure I stick to it every evening!
  6. Get into a routine for my goals - in order to ensure I complete my monthly goals, and due to something I learned recently, I want to start setting weekly goals, i.e. this week I will finish reading Boys Don't Cry and start reading A Storm of Swords.
  7. Practise my ambidexterity - another of my life goals that I figure if I don't start soon, I never will!
  8. Fill in some of my Listography book - something else that will never happen if I don't just start it!
  9. Sort out my eating habits - I have been trying and failing at this for some time now but it is something I am determined to do.
  10. Plan my blog - I would like to start posting more regularly on my blog (i.e. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, etc) which I think would be easier if I planned what to write on each day, maybe a few weeks in advance.
  11. Practise the SATs - part of me has been thinking about possibly trying to go to university in America, for which I would need to take the SATs. That being said, the best time to start is now as little and often is the way onward and upward!
  12. Participate in the Coursera classes I am enrolled in - I have enrolled in some classes many times in the past but almost each time, I have fallen off the track with them. I want to stick to the current classes I am enrolled in though!
  13. Relearn my A-Levels - I cannot believe that 4 years ago this month, I had my first day of sixth form. My life has changed in so many ways since then and while I didn't enjoy my time in sixth form, the one thing I do miss is the knowledge I gained from my A-Levels. Again, if I want to take the SATs next year, my A-Level knowledge will be imperative!
  14. Learn some Spanish - again, something that I have attempted and then just neglected to do after a certain period of time. I 'umm'ed and 'ahh'ed about putting this on my list as I feel like I already have enough to do, however this is another case of something that I have always wanted to do and it is something I always think "why didn't I start three years ago when I bought that Spanish book?"
  15. NYX! - I started writing a book last November. I was incredibly excited at first but then life got in the way and it dropped of my radar. I would definitely like to get back into it again soon so I don't see why I shouldn't start now.
  16. Successfully move house - this is definitely going to happen (13th September) but it is nice to know I will definitely have something crossed off my list at the end of this month!
Overall, there are a lot of goals there. However, some of them are only routines which should be pretty easy to complete and even if I only complete a few of the others, I will still be more productive than I have been this month and the remaining goals will just have to roll over! Not only that, but after I move I have over 2 weeks off work and since I am moving back in with my parents, I don't have to spend time fixing up the house so I will have the entire two weeks to myself.
Wish me luck!

- Taisie ♥

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