Saturday, 1 November 2014

100 Days of Happiness, 31-40

100 Days
When did November happen? And when did October finish?! I have zero idea where the past few days have gone but it would appear that it is time for another one of my 100 Days of Happiness post.

Day 31 (Thursday 23rd) - my boyfriend and I set off a Chinese lantern. We had done one a few nights ago but it had been earlier (and thus lighter) so it was hard to see how far it went. Tonight, we waited until it was quite dark and set one off together, watching as it disappeared into the clouds.
Day 32 (Friday 24th) - a group of us from work went to watch the dogs race. It was the first time I have ever been to the dogs and it was quite an entertaining night, especially as our old boss came and got very drunk!
Day 33 (Saturday 25th) - I spent a few hours talking to one of my mates. We can talk about anything and everything and it was good to be able to speak to him about everything that has been on my mind recently.
Day 34 (Sunday 26th) - my boyfriend took me to see Disney on Ice! We went to the Bullring for a shopping trip and before I knew it, he was leading me to the NIA where Disney on Ice was being shown. It was amazing to see and has definitely started to get us excited for our holiday to DisneyWorld next year!
Day 35 (Monday 27th) - this is going to sound like a boring house-wife job but I spent the day doing loads of laundry and ironing. It was great to see the pile go down and finally not have any laundry or ironing hanging over my head!
Day 36 (Tuesday 28th) - my mum and I spent pretty much the entire afternoon together, putting together the nappy cake for my sister. Our initial plan of doing a pram didn’t go so well so we opted for the traditional nappy cake, but ended up having enough nappies and clothes at the end of it to make three figures - my sister, her boyfriend and their baby!
Day 37 (Wednesday 29th) - I have started to read The Maze Runner and I managed to read a fair bit tonight - so far, it’s quite a good book.
Day 38 (Thursday 30th) - I went shopping! Boots had an event on whereby if you spent £50 in store, you received £12 worth of Advantage Card points, so I did just that! I primarily bought make-up, and obviously a haul post will be up within the next week.
Day 39 (Friday 31st) - it was my sister’s baby shower and the first time she saw the nappy cake. It was a really good night that lasted longer than any of us thought it would and it was great to see my sister so happy and chuffed.
Day 40 (Saturday 1st) - my cousins popped round and a few hours and I caught them when I got home from work. They went to DisneyWorld in the summer so they were able to give us a few pointers and advise us on this and that for our holiday next year.
What has made you happy recently?

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