Tuesday, 25 November 2014

100 Days of Happiness, 51-60

If you follow my blog, you might notice that I have been a bit absent recently. I have been very occupied with work, family life and my personal life recently and as such, I feel like certain areas of my life - including my blog - have suffered. You can definitely tell that this is the case when you realise that today is actually day 64 of my Happiness Challenge and I should have posted my 51-60 update last Friday! However, I am endeavouring to get back on track with my blog and my life, so here is my 51-60 update.

Day 51 (November 12th) - I went round to my sister’s and did a photoshoot with my nephew. The shoot wasn’t the greatest since the lighting was poor (silly Winter weather!) and my nephew was a bit restless but I did get some absolutely adorable photos that I love!
Day 52 (November 13th) - I had a very productive day at work. I find that I work best when I am given a task to really sink my teeth into which is what happened today. I love being able to look back at how much I have accomplished during the day and I found that today was a really productive day.
Day 53 (November 14th) - I made cakes! I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing that are by far the nicest tasting cakes I have ever made. I even heated up a couple in the microwave and ate them with a spoon and it was heaven!
Day 54 (November 15th) - I didn’t intend to, but I ended up spending the entire day working on the birth sampler for my nephew. I managed to get quite a bit done, actually, and it’s starting to look really good!
Day 55 (November 16th) - Blogger chats! I participated in two blogger chats on twitter tonight. I always intend to participate in the chats but I only tend to remember after the chat has finished. However, today I participate in chats for the first time in what felt like weeks and I loved it!
Day 56 (November 17th) - my day was productively unproductive: my boyfriend and I bought a laptop a few days ago for games (he loves Football Manager but I am more of a Sims player) and today, I spent the day getting to grips playing the Sims 4. It is a little different than the Sims 3 in my opinion, but I’m getting used to it.
Day 57 (November 18th) - my boyfriend and I made homemade garlic bread. I didn’t get to eat much since the only part of the garlic bread not covered in cheese ended up getting burnt (I dislike cheese) but from what I did taste, it was really nice.
Day 58 (November 19th) - we had a team meeting today at work and a couple of people noticed that I was quite quiet. This is an odd one to make it onto my happiness list, but I had lots of little things occupying my mind and it was nice to know that there were people who could tell and wanted to make sure I was OK.
Day 59 (November 20th) - today was another busy and productive day at work. These are the days I love the most since they fly by and it was definitely a plus point for day 59.
Day 60 (November 21st) - I didn’t fall over at Asda! OK, so I had a basket full of stuff on my arm and I was standing in the middle of an aisle. Two women and a trolley wanted to get down the aisle so I took a couple of steps back to make room for them and ended up walking into a plastic pallet. I really nearly fell over into litres and litres of water but… I didn’t! It would have been a little painful, not to mention extremely embarrassing, if I hadn’t been able to save myself!

Here’s hoping I won’t be late to publishing my next update!
What has made you happy over the past few days/weeks?

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