Tuesday, 11 November 2014

100 Days of Happiness, 41-50

The past ten days have gone simultaneously very fast and too slow - a lot has happened in the past ten days yet at the same time, it doesn't feel like it was two days ago since I was writing my last 100 Days post. Anyway, here is my latest 100 Days of Happiness post!
100 Days

Day 41 (Sunday 2nd) - baby shows! I was at work when my mum texted to let me know that my sister has had a couple of shows, meaning it is possible that she might go into labour very soon which is pretty exciting, especially as it is my nephew’s due date today!
Day 42 (Monday 3rd) - I have a nephew! So my sister went into hospital early this morning and gave birth to a beautiful baby this afternoon. I have been up to visit them for a few minutes tonight and I am so excited for them both to come home so I can get some proper cuddles from the little man!
Day 43 (Tuesday 4th) - my sister and the baby have come home from the hospital, which means I was able to hold the baby. Also, I felt incredibly proud of myself as I changed a pooey nappy for the first time! (Sorry if that is TMI!)
Day 44 (Wednesday 5th) - my boyfriend and I made pizzas yesterday and I made some homemade bread as well, which I have absolutely devoured today. I adore homemade bread so much.
Day 45 (Thursday 6th) - I was really busy at work. This might seem like a pretty odd happy point, but I had a few tasks to do and the day just flew by.
Day 46 (Friday 7th) - I have read quite a bit today. I started reading The Maze Runner about 10 days ago and today, I made the time to sit and read a fair portion of the book.
Day 47 (Saturday 8th) - I finished The Maze Runner and did a blog post about it! And now I feel as though I need another book in my life!
Day 48 (Sunday 9th) - I wrote a little bit for NaNo today. I didn’t write as much as I would have liked (I would have liked to have caught up!) but I did write 4500 words which I am very pleased with, especially since I am enjoying writing and I don’t think my work is too bad!
Day 49 (Monday 10th) - I received my make-up! I placed an order for the Benefit Perk Up Artist with Prrrowl mascara/lipgloss combination, plus the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Palette in Pink Opal with Bobbi Brown mascara and it arrived today. I was super excited about it, and even more so when Benefit favourited my tweet!
Day 50 (Tuesday 11th) - I made cupcakes. Every Tuesday, my boyfriend and I cook a meal for my mum and step-dad and today we decided to cook a korma. I went one step ahead as I felt like being creative and baking so I made chocolate cupcakes, though I used the wrong case (I used a case without the concertina fold so there was no way to get the food out without using a spoon!). However, it did taste quite nice in the end, I just need to practise baking more!
And that it is for another ten days! I doubt the next ten days will be as eventful as the previous ones, but I have a few days off work so I am hoping a few of my happy posts will be about my productivity.

What has happened with you in the past ten days? Are you participating in the 100 Day Happiness Challenge?

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