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Review: No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush

No7 had always been one of the more expensive skincare and make-up brands that I would occasionally splash out on to treat myself. Of course, that was before I was introduced to the world of Mac and Clinique and true high-end beauty products. However, I have always had a special place in my heart for No7 as it was one of the first brands  of make-up that I bought.
You might remember back in July when I posted in a Boots Beauty Haul that I had bought the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush. I used it when I first bought it but then stopped using it for about two months when I moved house (it was packed away in one of the boxes somewhere!). However, recently I have been using it again to ensure my face is completely clean after I have removed all of my make-up so I thought it was time to give you lovely readers a little review.

I initially started using this with the Good Things Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator, but I read somewhere that it is best used with a foaming cleanser which makes sense, since I felt like the exfoliator was getting lost in the bristles of the brush. I ended up buying the Witch Oil Control Foaming Face Wash as I wasn’t ready to spend the money on a No7 foaming facial wash.
Personally, I squirt one pump on the back of my hand and then distribute it on my face with my fingers, blobbing small amounts on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. After running the brush under the warm tap for a few seconds, I turn it on and bring it to my face. Starting on my forehead, I gently move it in circular motions across my face, ensuring all of the product has been used and my entire face has been cleansed.
I then rinse the brush before washing all of the product off my face with a muslin cloth or face cloth and warm water.

The Good
I think the price is a major plus point to this as there are similar products that retail for over £100. If you’re not ready to splash out on a £100 brush that may not work for you, this is definitely a cheaper alternative.
I have found that it gives my skin a really good cleanse and leaves me feeling as though all of my make-up has been removed - I use a toning cleanser after using this to ensure that there is no residue on my face and the cotton pad always comes away clean. Plus, my skin feels super-soft after using this product and I will occasionally use it on my chapped lips to buff away the dead skin cells, though I make sure I give it an extra-thorough wash afterwards!
Apparently, it can be used in the shower too. I haven’t actually tried it out in the shower as I am a bit conscious of putting any electrical devices near large amounts of water (even watches and electric razors) but it is good to know that it is an option.

The Bad
I am unsure whether it is this brush or the foaming product that I use with it, but it tends to leave my skin feeling a little tight and sore. I combat this by using a toning cleanser (the cool gel provides relief for my face) and a fair amount of moisturiser. The tightness does go away after I have rubbed my moisturiser in, though it isn’t great that there is a tightness there in the first place and I am unsure how this will affect those with sensitive skin.
Another bad point of this is that the bristles can feel a little scratchy against my skin, which can be a contributing factor to the tightness I feel afterwards. To combat this, I simply place the product on my skin and move it around, as opposed to pressing it down against my skin. I also only use it on the first, slower speed setting and avoid using the second as I feel like it is too rough for my face.

The Ugly
It is a little messy to use this product. The foaming cleanser tends to spray over myself and the mirror so I have to wear a dressing gown when I am using this and then give the mirror a quick wipe afterwards, though it is a small price to pay and it may be due to my inept abilities to use these types of brushes!
When I don’t use a headband with this, the bristles of the brush do tend to get all of my straggly hairs and wipe them over my face, though  the hairs don’t get caught in the bristles. In all of the times I have used this product, I have only once got my hair actually stuck in this, and this was the section behind the brush head. I turned the brush off and was able to easily detangle my hair, though I have been a little more careful ever since.

Quality: 7/10 - the scratchiness is definitely an area for improvement
Appearance: 9/10
Value: 8/10 - personally, I feel the initial cost of £24.95 is a tad bit on the expensive side, though in comparison to other similar products, it is incredibly cheap! Replacement brush heads are available for £8 for two, which I think is a bargain price!
Likelihood to buy again: 9/10 - if this were to break, I would probably go for a few days/weeks without using it to give my skin a break from the harsh scratches, but I would definitely by this - or a similar product - again as I feel the positives severely outweigh the negatives.
Overall: 7/10 
What do you think? Would you try this out? What did you think?
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