Sunday, 21 September 2014

Demolishing the Stigma of Mental Illness

Hello lovelies
This post is a bit of an improptu rant about something that I saw while doing my nightly wander around Twitter last night.
Someone on Twitter (@poeticfeminist) had taken a picture of an offensive card in a store and tweeted them the card, stating how offensive it can be to certain people.
Joythestore Card

The card states “Don’t get mad, take lithium”, which is used in medicating those with bipolar disorder as it helps stabalise the mood.
If the horrific display of ignorance surrounding the insolent statement on the card wasn’t bad enough, the callous comments from the store (JOY - @joythestore) more than made up for it.
“Then if you know anyone with bipolar disorder, don’t buy it for them. PROBLEM SOLVED.”
Joythestore response 1
I feel like this is something a child would say back in an argument, as they cannot think of anything with substance to say. The problem isn’t solved by not buying the card, the problem is solved by JOY taking it off sale. As people have commented, would they sell a card saying "don't get cancer, have chemo"?
@poeticfeminist tweeted back asking about the people who will see it in the store. JOY replied not long later saying “they’ll like it one minute and hate it the next?”
Joythestore response 2
It seems as though the PR of this company need to take a lesson or two in how to talk to people before they can be let loose on the Twitterverse again. 15 hours after @joythestore posted their first rude comment back to @poeticfeminist and the post is still there for everyone to see with hundreds of comments in response and messages still being posted to this minute, and yet @joythestore still hasn’t issued an apology.
What was clearly a poor attempt at a joke has caused outrage on Twitter. @joythestore could have easily issued an apology and vowed to take the card off sale after @poeticfeminist brought the offensive language to their attention, however their heartless remarks back have turned many customers away. I don't live near any JOY stores but I know that if I am ever near one, I won't enter it. Even if they issue a formal apology, I am unsure whether I will be able to see them as a professional store given the harsh comments published last night.
The one thing that I am happy about, however, is how much support has been shown. Hundreds of people have commented on the conversation about how wrong JOY were in posting those comments, how serious bipolar disorder is and how we have to continue to fight to get rid of the stigma of mental disorders. Some people have openly admitted in the comments that they have bipolar disorder and others are simply showing their support for those with mental disorders which I think shows a great unity and is a giant leap forward in demolishing the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.
- Taisie ♥

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