Tuesday, 16 September 2014

This or That Tag

This or That Tag
I was tagged by the amazing Bhavini from BeautyPuzzled a few days ago after she read in my 21 Questions tag that I love tags! So, without further ado, here are my thoughts:

Blush or Bronzer?
I don't think I have ever actually used bronzer so my answer is definitely blush. Contouring and using bronzer are definitely on the horizon when I get paid!
Lipgloss or Lipstick?
Lipstick all the way! I find it gives better colour-blocked lips, which is what I like, and it means I avoid getting hair stuck to me lips.
Chapstick or Lip butter?
Probably chapstick, though the last time I was in the Body Shop I did see some lip butter tubs that I quite fancy.
Matt or sparkle eye shadow?
Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! While I think matt shadow looks gorgeous for more natural looks, I tend to wear eyeshadow during nights out which means I like the shimmery side of sparkle shadows to add a bit of glamour.
Pressed or loose shadows?
Pressed, definitely. I feel like whenever I use a loose powder, it gets everywhere and I end up wasting loads! To me, I feel like I can get exactly the right amount of product I want when I am using a pressed powered as opposed to loose.
Gel, liquid, cream or pencil eye liner?
Pencil for every-day subtle use, gel for nights out for a lasting dramatic look, liquid for when I have a few more minutes to spare to perfect my winged look and cream as something for me to try in the future.
Foundation or concealer?
Foundation! One of the primary purposes of me wearing makeup is to fill in my pores and even out the redness in my skin tone which I feel is a lot more attainable with a suitable foundation than with concealer. Not only that, but I can always build up my foundation to cover any blemishes or dark circles.
Liquid or powder foundation?
Probably liquid, but it is a hard choice. While liquid has a tendency to go shiny as the day goes on (thanks to my lovely oily skin), I feel like it gives a better coverage than my powder foundation though it is an incredibly close choice.
Neutral or statement eye?
Neutral, definitely. I like the natural smokey-eye look for eyeshadow, which is quite lucky actually as I have hooded eyes and lighter, neutral shades work best with this type of eyelid.
Waterproof or non waterproof mascara?
Waterproof. While it doesn't really affect me a huge amount since I don't tend to spend a lot of time outside, I like to be prepared! Besides, since I am very scrupulous when it comes to taking my makeup off, I know that I will get all of my mascara off, even if it is waterproof.
Brushes, Sponges or fingers?
My favourite method of application is brushes, though I tend to use a mixture of all three. I just find brushes a lot easier to use to apply makeup and they give more of a flawless look.
Powder, cream or liquid highlighters?
Highlighters, similar to bronzers, are something I am yet to fully sink my teeth into, though it will happen soon!
As usual, I want to tag everyone reading this to give me your response! I love reading tags as well as completing them so send me the links to your answers please :)

- Taisie ♥

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