Monday, 29 September 2014

September 2014 Goals Review + October 2014 Goals

Can you believe that it is the end of September already?! It feels like it was only last week that I wrote posted my first September 2014 Goals! It hasn't been an amazingly successful month in terms of goal completion but I have had quite a chilled, relaxed time away from work which was definitely needed, especially since I'll be rushed off my feet with Christmas when I go back on Wednesday. Even though it's not been a very successful month, I'm still going to share my progress with you as well as my goals for October.Sept Goals

Goals Update:
  1. Finish reading Boys Don't Cry
  2. Read A Storm of Swords Part 1: Steel and Snow - I started it from the beginning again today and am currently 7% of my way through. I would have liked to have finished it but I haven't been overly motivated to read it so I'm taking it as it comes.
  3. Read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - not yet started :( I wanted to read A Storm of Swords first which is why I haven't started this.
  4. Plan some scrapbooking - not yet started. I really want to plan it to make it look the best it possibly can but I don't have any room at the minute so don't feel like I can spread out to plan!
  5. Get settled into an evening routine - as I mentioned in my last goals post, this is more for when I go back to work on Wednesday. Boo!
  6. Get into a routine for my goals - again, this is more for when I am back at work to make sure I make the most of my evenings.
  7. Practise my ambidexterity - I practised this at the start of the month but have kind of let it slip since I’ve been lazy while not at work.
  8. Fill in some of my Listography book - something else I haven't done... Shame on me!
  9. Sort out my eating habits - I have started to ease up on the amount of junk food that I eat, which is a baby step in the right direction ha :)
  10. Plan my blog - what I have lacked in other goals I have more than made up for here! I had been wanting to get an idea of what to post and when but I have gone one step further and have pre-written the next 10 posts! I've also planned all of my posts for Blogtober, I just have to write them now :)
  11. Practise the SATs - I have the book out but haven't really looked at it much... Oops?
  12. Participate in the Coursera classes I am enrolled in - I have decided to unenroll in the Coursera classes as I have a lot of other things on my plate and I will be learning very similar things when I complete the next goal.
  13. Relearn my A-Levels - my A-Levels folders are all packed away in a box that is embedded somewhere in this house! Hopefully I’ll be moving into my permanent room soon so I’ll be able to unpack and begin this goal.
  14. Learn some Spanish - this is one of my 100-Day Resolutions and I am proud to say that I have started! And I am quite excited to learn more in the upcoming weeks!
  15. NYX! - this is another goal I decided to scrap. National Novel Writing Month starts in November and I decided that it would be better to start planning my next novel than to get back into this one and not have anything planned by the time November rolls around.
  16. Successfully move house - I am just waiting to move again into my permanent room now.
October Goals:
  1. Finish my nephew’s nappy cake - I have bought some clothes, scratch mitts and baby toiletries, I just need to get some nappies and put it all together somehow!
  2. Increase my flexibility - this is kind of going hand-in-hand with my 100-Day Resolution of eating better and exercising. I’m not un-flexible, but I feel like it would be cool to improve!
  3. Plan NaNo - I will be competing in National Novel Writing Month in November and I need to get a plot together!
  4. 100-Day Resolutions - if you haven’t seen it yet, check out my 100-Day Resolution post. My resolutions are: eating better and exercising more, completing the 100-Day Happiness Challenge, completing the Spanish in 3 Months course and having a finished and polished book by January 1st.
  5. Blogtober - I will be posting every day throughout October (hopefully!) and I would like to spend the month working on my blog and other social platforms, as well as connecting with more bloggers.
  6. Finish reading A Storm of Swords Part 1: Steel and Snow - I already have a 7% head start!
  7. Read The Maze Runner - I have had this on my Kindle since January but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Since the film is coming out in the UK soon, I want to make sure I have read the book in case I go and see it.
  8. Read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - I like having a lot of reading goals :)
  9. Get settled into an evening routine
  10. Get settled into a goals routine
  11. Practise my ambidexterity 
  12. Sort out my eating habits
  13. Practise the SATs
  14. Relearn my A-Levels
So there are my October goals. Most of them have been taken directly from September as they are either rolling goals that take longer than a month to complete or they are more applicable when I am at work (I haven’t been at work for half of September). I feel like I have a lot less goals this month than I had last month, partially because I didn’t complete them all last month (oops) and partially because I want to really focus on my 100-Day Resolutions and Blogtober.
Have you got any goals that you want to complete this month?
- Taisie ♥

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