Monday, 15 September 2014

Moving House

I had been planning on blogging on Friday and Saturday but since I hadn't pre-written the post and I was so busy with the move, I didn't get the chance to post anything so here is my welcome back post!
As part of Monday Mayhem (the chance to post about whatever I want to post about) I decided to give you all an update on my life and my September goals, especially since it is halfway through September now.

Goals Update:
  1. Finish reading Boys Don't Cry - I actually finished this the day after my September goals post!
  2. Read A Storm of Swords Part 1: Steel and Snow - I started reading this on 8th - I got as far as the prologue and haven't had much of a chance to read much more.
  3. Read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - yet to begin
  4. Plan some scrapbooking - I have been preoccupied with the move so I haven't started this, though I have kept all of my scrapbooking materials to one side so I don't have to go searching through boxes for them!
  5. Get settled into an evening routine - this is more for when I am at work, which won't be until October now! However I did seem to settle into one before I broke up for three weeks.
  6. Get into a routine for my goals - Oops! I haven't even thought about this one.
  7. Practise my ambidexterity - I have actually started practising this.
  8. Fill in some of my Listography book - I have filled in a few lists.
  9. Sort out my eating habits - It was going so well until I got potato scallops every day this week.
  10. Plan my blog - I have got a plan of topics to post on each day now, which makes me feel so organised!
  11. Practise the SATs - I've kept the book to one side but need to actually start doing this.
  12. Participate in the Coursera classes I am enrolled in - I did a bit when I was babysitting last Saturday but it is something I need to be doing consistently.
  13. Relearn my A-Levels - yet to happen, though this may have to wait until I have moved again... See below for clarification!
  14. Learn some Spanish - I've kept my Spanish book to one side - now I just have to use it!
  15. NYX! - does it count if I say it has been on my mind a bit more recently?
  16. Successfully move house - it wasn't greatly successful, but I no longer live in the flat!
So it is half way through September and I have only crossed off 3 of my 16 items, but hey that's nearly 20%! I'm not amazingly confident that I will cross everything off but even if I don't, crossing off ten or five or even three means that I have done more than if I hadn't written the list in the first place.
Move Update:
So I moved! My boyfriend and I moved in with my parents on Saturday, which was quite a lot more effort than I thought it would be based on how easy it was to move into our flat six months ago. The move took longer than I thought it would and we kind of messed up the flat inspection, meaning it had to be rescheduled to today, but we have successfully moved! Currently we are in temporary accommodation until my sister moves out (and we move into her room) which means living out of boxes until that happens! It is incredibly frustrating and I have been feeling quite emotional as well but I'm just hoping my sister will be out within the next two weeks so we can finally get settled down and not have to search rooms for boxes for clothes and nail files and shampoo!
That is me done for now, check back in tomorrow for another post :)
- Taisie ♥

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