Friday, 24 October 2014

10 Things That Scare Me Most

Halloween is only a couple of days away and what better time of the year to write about things that scare me? Here are the top ten things that scare me.

  1. Monsters underneath my bed. I blame the PowerPuff Girls for the fact that I still have this fear!
  2. Being barefoot around strangers.
  3. Horror films, even though I watch them on a weekly basis still.
  4. Having regrets. I hate the thought of being eighty and in the peak of my self-reflection and realising that I wish I had done this or that and not being able to do anything to rectify the regrets.
  5. Not achieving what I want to achieve in life. This is more about getting married, having babies and being in a job that I enjoy. All other things on my Bucket List are pretty much just to enrich my life further, but I would hate not to have my own family or never finding the right job for me.
  6. Losing the people I love. Is there anyone who isn’t scared of this?
  7. Going to the toilet at night - monsters!
  8. Nightmares. I have some pretty strange nightmares at times!
  9. People. OK, so not all people scare me, but I hate public speaking and being around large crowds of people I don’t know because it makes me super anxious.
  10. Doing something completely seriously and having people laugh at me. I would love to do tutorials and other videos on YouTube but I think this fear is holding me back from actually stepping out of my comfort zone and doing that.
What are some of your biggest fears?
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