Wednesday, 22 October 2014

100 Days of Happiness, 21-30

It's been another 10 days already? Where is the time going?! Don't forget to check out my 2 other 100 Days of Happiness posts!

Day 21 (Monday 13th) - I saw my sister’s house! As I have mentioned, my sister was due to move out and today was the big day! After they had moved all of the boxes, I popped around with my boyfriend to check out her new home. It is a really lovely and homely home, and quite big considering it is their first home as well! It kind of makes me excited to move out one day.
Day 22 (Tuesday 14th) - I spent a ton of time on social media sites. I very rarely get the chance to actually sit down and just have some me-time so on my day off today, I decided that I was going to do just that. I spent a lot of time looking at other blogs, commenting on posts, tweeting people and just generally being present in the blogging community.
Day 23 (Wednesday 15th) - Free cake! As part of the birthday celebrations at work, everyone was given a free hot drink and cake so, being the chocoholic that I am, I decided to go for a chocolate cake and a hot chocolate as my drink. I microwaved the cake for 40 seconds so it was warm and the chocolate topping and cream in between the sponge had just started to melt… It was gorgeous.
Day 24 (Thursday 16th) - I watched Coven. My boyfriend and I recently started watching American Horror Story and today, we spent a few hours watching the third series - Coven - to try and catch up before Freak Show aires in the UK on the 21st October. It was nice to spend time with him and watch a really good show.
Day 25 (Friday 17th) - My teeth are great. I went to the dentist today and he actually commented that I must get bored of him telling me that my teeth are great since that is all he has ever told me! I didn’t think there were any problems with my teeth (other than a little bit of extra sensitivity to cold substances) but it was nice to be reassured anyway.
Day 26 (Saturday 18th) - I made a cookie cake! Well, rather, I attempted to. It was in the oven for hours - literally - because it was so big. It didn’t come out as well as I would have wanted it to, but it was still pretty awesome if I do say so myself.
Day 27 (Sunday 19th) - we started moving! If you regularly read my blog, you will know that my boyfriend and I moved in with my parents to start saving some serious money, however we were unable to move into our permanent room until my sister moved out, which she did last Monday. So today, my boyfriend and I finally started to move our stuff over!
Day 28 (Monday 20th) - we booked a holiday! My boyfriend and I are going to DISNEYWORLD in FLORIDA next September and I couldn’t be more excited!
Day 29 (Tuesday 21st) - I am nearly unpacked. I spent the entire day unpacking all of my stuff and while I’m not finished, I only have a few little things left to find homes for so it shouldn’t take too long. I am just relieved not to be living out of a box anymore!
Day 30 (Wednesday 22nd) - I finished work an hour early. Of course, I had to start work an hour early for this to happen, however I didn’t really mind once I was at work and ready to go.
Don't forget to check back in 10 days for the next instalment!

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