Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Best Halloween Makeup

Halloween is vastly approaching and while I'm not actually going out on or around Halloween, I still love makeup, especially costume makeup, so I have gathered a few of my favourite Halloween makeup looks.

Greyscale, by Fallllling
Greyscale, by Fallllling
Broken Doll by ahlois
Broken Doll by ahlois
Pop Art by Sssamanthaa
Pop Art by Sssamanthaa
Broken Skin, by rebaker814
Broken Skin, by rebaker814
Snow White Step-Mother by ladyluja
Snow White Step-Mother by ladyluja
Melted face, by Made U Look
Melted face, by Made U Look
Zipped by Shaaanxo
Zipped by Shaaanxo
The Purge Mask by Made U Look
The Purge Mask by Made U Look
And there we are. I can only imagine how long these makeup looks would take to recreate so it might be worthwhile practising a few times if you want to do one of these on Halloween. I particularly like the Greyscale image as it is something I never would have thought of, as well as the Melted Face and the Purge Mask (which is actually all makeup!).
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