Monday, 20 October 2014

My Perfect Day

Image from, original source unknown
Image from, original source unknown
I have always had a great imagination and I have always yearned for happiness and that ‘perfect’ life, so here is my idea of a perfect day.

I would be abroad somewhere most likely, either in a wooden cabin in the side of a snow-covered mountain or a forest with beautiful green views. My boyfriend would wake me up with a kiss at 9am and then make me breakfast in bed - more than likely Coco Pops and milk with a glass of orange juice - and we would sit and talk while I ate.
We’d move to the living room and sit on a big faux fur rug in front of the fireplace while we watched a Disney film - probably Frozen or Tangled as they are our favourites, or maybe he’d choose Beauty and the Beast as he knows that is my ultimate favourite Disney film - until mid-afternoon when we finally get changed out of our PJs and into some snuggly warm clothes.
We’d go on a walk, either to the nearest mountain village or through the woods. We’d find a coffee shop in the village in which to spend the afternoon or we’d find a waterfall in the forest where we’d have a picnic. After a while we would make our way back to our accommodation and we would both read, having a day free from time limitations and all of technology and when evening fell, we would watch the stars on a loveseat on the porch and talk about everything and nothing. I’d have a hot chocolate on the coffee table and he’d have a mocha and we’d both dunk a chocolate bar into our drinks in between fits of laughter.
After our drinks had warmed us up, I’d snuggle in close to him underneath the blanket, listening to his heartbeat as I watched the wind rustle the snow or the trees. And when sleep came for me, I would let it. My boyfriend would carry me into the house and rest me on the bed, pulling the duvet up to my neck and crawling into bed next to me, holding me while I slept. And the following morning, we'd start all over again.
What’s your idea of a perfect day?
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