Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Fashion Favourites #3

I have to admit that I haven’t really gone out much this past fortnight and I feel like I have spent most of my time either in my work uniform or my pjs so this week, my favourite fashion items are house clothes.

I bought both of these items yesterday, both were from Primark and both were only £8.
The leggings are part of the Disney range and were located in the Sleepwear section along with another pair of slightly more lairy leggings which were more colourful and had entire figures of both Mickey and Minnie on them. Personally, I preferred the ones I bought (duh) as I felt like they were more of a muted fashion statement than the Mickey/Minnie comic book ones. Due to the way the sizings worked, I could only pick up a size 6-8 or a 10-12, despite actually being an 8-10. I picked up the 10-12 as I wanted them to be comfortable instead of restrictive but would actually say that they are on the small size. They are still a bit baggy on me but not as baggy as I would have expected, which in my case is a positive!

The jumper is classed as ivory though it looks white in person, and is a very oversized item, despite me having a size 10-12. It is very comfortable and quite thick as well so it is perfect for the colder months, but at the same time I think it would be great when it starts to get warmer as I can wear it without the leggings.  It has the words "Love to Lounge" on the front in black capitals in distressed print which I think is quite cute.
Jumper 2
Overall, I am super happy with both of these purchases, especially since they were both so inexpensive and are both super comfortable, and I would definitely recommend that you all get down to Primark to check out their sleepwear range!

What have you been wearing recently?

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