Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Fashion Favourites #4

I couldn’t believe it when I looked at my blogging schedule and realised that it was time for another fashion favourites - where has the time gone? To think that one week today will be Christmas Eve is completely and utterly insane. Still, here are my fashion favourites for the fortnight.

If you look at my fashion favourites over the past few weeks/months, you will see that they quite often involve leggings since that is a major fashion statement that I have been loving recently and this week is no different. Last Tuesday, I went to Matalan with my boyfriend and saw these leggings, which I absolutely loved (£12). I tried them on and realised they are a different material than I had been expecting: whereas the Mickey leggings I have featured are comprised of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, these leggings are 74% cotton, 24% polyester and 2% elastane.

The reduced cotton does make them a little more uncomfortable as they aren’t as soft, plus the polyester makes them less stretchy (and thus less comfortable in my opinion). They are a lot thicker than my other leggings and are more suitable for daily wear as they feel less like pyjamas. The composition of the fabric feels sturdy, as though they are lifting and supporting me similar to jeans, but there is more stretch than jeans.

While I love the pattern the most, I also love that these have pockets on the back of the jeans and a zip on the left side, which isn’t common on most leggings. This makes the leggings feel tighter and less likely to fall down as I walk. In terms of sizes, I feel as though the leggings run true to size and what is so great about these is that the waist isn’t too big; I have big legs in proportion to my waist so I find that a lot of jeans and trousers will fit my legs but not my waist. These leggings, however, fit me perfectly.

In terms of shirts, I have been feeling so super comfortable in this shirt recently. It is only £5 from Primark but it is a very slouchy, comfortable shirt that I can really relax in. It is a very plain dark grey shirt with buttons part-way down the chest and long sleeves and it is soooo comfortable! And only £5!

What have you been wearing recently?

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