Monday, 8 December 2014

Next Christmas Wish List!

Recently, I have been trying to get into fashion a bit more since I feel like I pay a lot of attention to my make-up and occasionally to my hair but I don't put as much effort into what I am wearing. My current coat is more practical than fashionable and the two pairs of boots I wear are either awkward to get on/take-off or not practical for wet weather, leaving me feeling as though my efforts in make-up and hair are sometimes wasted. Wanting to expand my fashion wardrobe, I went online to Next and created myself a little wishlist.

  1. Black Wedge Long Boots (£40) - I think these are so adorable. I love the cut at the top and the height of the boots, which end just below the knee, plus the fact that they have slight wedged heels. I'm not exactly a shorter person so I don't need the height but I do like wearing heels and I think the fact that they are wedges is perfect for autumn weather, as opposed to stiletto heels!
  2. Michelle Keegan Pleated Bandeau Dress (£60) - isn't this dress just so stunning? The main colour of the dress is simply perfect and I love the contrast with the black patterns, as well as how the material bunches together at the waist on the right hand side. I don't know when exactly I would wear this dress (maybe Christmas party/upcoming weddings) but it is so gorgeous.
  3. Cashmere Eye Shadow Palette (£6) - while this is more of a fashion wishlist than a beauty one, how nice does this palette look? The colours look very suitable for work but also have an element of evening smokey-eye at the right of the palette which makes it so versatile. I would love to get my hands on this and test it out, especially at only £6!
  4. Phase Eight Emma Beaded Lace Dress (£225) - another striking dress! I don't the picture in the image above does a lot for this dress, but if you go to the Next site, you can see how beautiful it looks on the model. It looks so elegant and sophisticated that I feel like I need this dress in my wardrobe!
  5. Pink Faux Fur Collar Cape (£35) - this coat is so pretty. I find that I have to wear a coat during the winter months as I get so cold but at the same time, I tend to buy my coats for practicality as opposed to fashion, though I would love to own this beautiful coat for the fashionable side of my wardrobe!
  6. Faux Fur Headband (£10) - a simple item that most girls probably have stashed away somewhere in their rooms, I have never owned a headband for warmth. This one from Next looks super cosy and comfy!
  7. Closet Dark Teal Butterfly Print Dress (£52) - while this dress is more suitable for the summer months, I could definitely see myself wearing this on Christmas Day. It isn't an overly festive dress but it is so cute, feminine and casual that it would be perfect for family events.
  8. Lift Slim and Shape Skinny Jeans (£45) - I have quite a few pairs of jeans but find that I only really wear the same one pair over and over and I know that soon, they're going to go to jean heaven so I need to start looking for my next holy grail jeans. I love the look of these jeans; the colour is versatile enough to be combined with different types of shirts and jackets for both casual and smart looks and the fact that they lift, slim and shape while accentuating your figure is an added bonus!
  9. Faux Fur Stole (£20) - in keeping with the headband above, I think this scarf is so perfect for the winter months as it looks luxuriously soft and cosy and the fact that is is black means it will go with almost anything! I could definitely see myself getting the money's worth out of this item...
  10. Strap Biker Boots (£42) - last, but by no means least, are the biker boots. I think loose ankle boots are so stylish and create such a laid-back and casual look that is perfect for the winter, especially when the weather starts getting back and it begins to get slightly slippy/icy. The shoes look as though they have a lot of grip on the sole and the straps just add that little bit of adornment to prevent the boot from looking plain.
And that is my Next Christmas Wish List, though I have to say that I have trimmed it down quite a lot for this post! There were a lot of other items, e.g. this coat, this kimono, and this dress, but ultimately I decided to narrow it down to a random group of ten. I hope you enjoyed it!

What is on your Next Christmas List this year?

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