Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas is almost over; the turkey is gone, the bins are full of wrapping paper and the family is sleeping away the meat sweats. This Christmas has been a good, family-orientated Christmas for me so I thought it would be nice to share a few of the photos we took yesterday to celebrate our lives, health and love.

I have to start a Christmas post with a picture of our Christmas tree, in addition to all of the presents I gave this year underneath. I adore our Christmas tree - it is a fake tree but so full and big and with the perfect Christmas colours, it is a little girl's dream Christmas tree.

When we started unwrapping the presents, the dogs eventually settled down. Tia found her perfect place underneath the table, hiding away from all of the fuss as she waited for her favourite part of any day - food! - while Ellie took centre stage by lying not only in the middle of the room, but also in the middle of all of the paper when she realised she wouldn't be getting much attention for the next hour!

My boyfriend got my sister a selfie stick which is actually really fun to use! As a result, there are an abundance of stupid and funny photos on everyone's phones from yesterday!

One of my favourite presents this year was my Choccywoccydoodah cake from my boyfriend. Yes, I got an official, custom-made Choccy cake! And, yes, it is de-lish! He got me this cake, plus a larger cake twice the size of the one I am holding. We weighed them both and found that the smaller cake was 2.1kg and the larger was 3.4 kgs! That's 5.5 kgs of chocolate sponge, chocolate praline filling and chocolate decor. Mmmm!

Look at that chocolate drizzle!

Another one of my favourite presents - also from my boyfriend - was this Disney's Beauty and the Beast statue. It is carved from wood and is so beautiful. We first saw them in Clinton's Cards a few months ago and I always admired them every time we went in. I had commented that I would love for our future house to be kitted out with all of them so was super excited when I saw he had got me one. My excitement increased tenfold when I realised the statue was from my favourite film and he had ordered it especially for me!

Probably my favourite part of Christmas was snuggles. My sister and her boyfriend stayed for three nights over the holiday season and they both really took the time to relax, allowing my nan, my mum and myself to step up in looking after my nephew. I absolutely loved it, especially since it was like I was getting the chance to be a mother without the commitment, and snuggles with the little man were always adorable! He is so cute!

Another big positive for me on Christmas Day was the fact that my blog did amazingly well and I got very close to having my most-viewed day! I didn't, but it was a touching gift from my readers when I noticed this.

Yet another positive was seeing how my boyfriend reacted around my nephew. He hasn't been very open about holding him or looking after him but over the past four days, we have bathed my nephew three times, gone for a walk with him (where my boyfriend actually asked to push the pushchair!) and my boyfriend has held him twice, refusing to give him back each time! It was touching to see and even more touching to hear about how much my boyfriend loves him and, being honest, it makes me even more optimistic about our future together!

How has your Christmas been? What is your favourite Christmas 2014 memory?

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