Monday, 15 December 2014

Last Minute/Secret Santa Gift Ideas

There are only 10 days until Christmas! How crazy is it to think that Christmas is only next week?! With that in mind, I am sure that there are a few of you who still have a few Christmas presents left to get before the big day so I thought I would share with you some inexpensive, potential Secret Santa small gifts.

Each of the following presents are for someone in my family. Since we are all saving, the majority of these presents only cost a couple of pounds each which makes them perfect for Secret Santa but I think they are still quite cute.

Dove Men+Care Mini Gift Tin (£5 from Asda) - I purchased this for my step-dad as a bit of a pamper present as it contains an anti-perspirant deodorant and two different types of body and face wash. The size of the bottles are quite small (35ml for the anti-perspirant and 55ml for each of the body and face washes) but what I do quite like about this is that it comes in a tin with a removable lid that can easily be used for storing knick-knacks and keepsakes.

Radox Relax Set (original price unknown) - my sister's boyfriend is quite a stress-head and is known around our family to pace when he gets a little anxious. If you follow my blog, you may know that he and my sister recently had a baby. Obviously, babies can be quite stressful so I thought it would be nice and slightly jokey to get him a Radox gift set for the bath so he can spend some time unwinding from the stresses of fatherhood. The gift set contains a stress relief bath soak, a muscle soak and a colour changing duck. This set was part of a 2 for £8 promotional event at Asda, in conjunction for the Dove Men+Care Mini Gift Tin.

Olay Anti-Wrinkle 2 in 1 Firm & Lift Day Cream + Serum (£5) - in conjunction with the stressful babies theme, I bought this for my sister as a joke about the fact that since she is now a mother, she will probably be getting wrinkles soon from all of the sleepless nights. And if that doesn't do it for her, she'll definitely need the cream when my nephew starts toddling everywhere!

I Love Lots of Cuddles Onesie, Simba Shoes and Mickey Shoes (£9 for the onesie I believe, and £6 for each pair of shoes) - obviously these are for my glorious nephew. I had wanted to buy him lots of Disney merchandise since both my sister and I love Disney, however when my boyfriend and I went to Matalan we found that a lot of the onesies and outfits are quite expensive so we settled on getting him a pair of Disney shoes each, plus I got him the non-Disney 'I Love Lots of Cuddles' onesie.

16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher and Lindt White Lindor Chocolate (£3.49 and approximately £4) - my grandmother is almost as much of a chocolate lover as I am so I knew she would appreciate sweet snacks for Christmas. I got her some Ferrero Rocher since she doesn't eat them very often so I thought it would be a nice treat, along with some White Lindor Chocolate; white chocolate is her favourite and I know she loves Lindor chocolate too so I thought I would get her the perfect present by combining these two loves.

Bassetts Jelly Babies and Maynards Wine Gums (£1 for the wine gums, though I can't remember the cost of the jelly babies) - my grandad also has a bit of a sweet-tooth though he much prefers sweets to chocolate so I thought I would buy him some of his favourite sweets to have all to himself. Also, how cute is the packaging for the Jelly Babies? And it wasn't even too tough to wrap!

L'Oreal Paris Post Party Beauty Box (I believe it was approximately £6.50 from Asda) - if bought individually, these products would cost over £11. However, buying them in the kit cost a fraction of the price so I thought it was a great set for my mum. I quite want to introduce her to the world of micellar water, which is such a quick and easy way to remove impurities from your face and neck, and the moisturiser here is an added bonus.

Jelly Belly beans and Gourmet Jelly Beans from The Jelly Bean Factory (both £3.99 each from TKMaxx) - so now we move onto my boyfriend, who adores Jelly Beans. He has stated to me in the past that his best Christmas present was when his mother got him a bucketful of Jelly Beans so when I saw these in TKMaxx a few weeks ago, I knew I had to get them for him. Cue stealth buying as he was wandering around the other side of the shop!

 The Beatles Are Coming Shirt (£12) - along with jelly beans, my boyfriend also loves the Beatles so when I saw this in Matalan a few weeks ago, I didn't hesitate to buy it, especially as it fits his laid-back style too.

Merry XMoose Jumper (£10) - when my boyfriend and I first started dating, his Facebook name actually contained 'Christmoose' so I thought it was quite cool when I saw this jumper. It is bright blue and the cartoon design plus words all fit his style perfectly and I know he will love it.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau De Toilette (£37.35 for 50ml) - when my boyfriend revealed to me that this is his favourite scent, I ordered this present at the first available opportunity. At the time, I managed to get it with a 15% discount as it was part of a price extravaganza across a lot of big department stores but unfortunately, it has now gone back up to £37.35 for 50ml. Regardless, I am quite excited to see his reaction when he opens this present as I don't think he will be expecting it.

The final two presents I got were some more presents for my boyfriend, though I didn't take pictures of those before I wrapped them (silly Taisie!). I bought him this Hotel Chocolat Triple Chocolate Wham Bam Slab and these Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Tiddly Reindeer. When we went to Liverpool two weeks ago, we had a hot chocolate and brownie in the Hotel Chocolat store which were both amazing and I noticed my boyfriend eyeing up the slabs they have there, hence the Wham Bam Slab. In terms of the Tiddly Reindeer, two years ago I had white chocolate tiddly penguins which were so delicious so I thought I would buy him these milk chocolate tiddly reindeer for us to eat together!

Have you done all of your Christmas shopping? Who do you have left to buy for? 

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