Thursday, 18 December 2014

My Christmas Guilty Pleasure

So with only one week until Christmas, I have recently been thinking about Christmas traditions and, more specifically, guilty pleasures around Christmastime.

I'm sure everyone has their daily guilty pleasure - maybe it's watching Glee, or listening to the Spice Girls or reading soppy romance novels every now and again - but what about your Christmas guilty pleasure?
If you are an avid reader of my blog, you might not be surprised at my guilty pleasure since I mentioned it the other day and don't even try to hide my love for Disney... Yep, you guessed it! My Christmas guilty pleasure has to be the film Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.
Beauty and the Beast is one of my all-time favourite Disney films so when I was in Dobbies Garden Centre last year and I saw The Enchanted Christmas for £5, I didn't hesitate to buy it. I watched it twice last year while wrapping Christmas presents and so far this year I have watched it once, though I will be watching it with my boyfriend in the upcoming days!
My boyfriend isn't so convinced that it will be any good since it is straight-to-video, however I love the 72 minute film, where Belle, Cogsworth, Lumiere and co. must convince the Beast to lift his ban on Christmas! Whenever I watch it, it takes me back to my childhood and truly reminds me of Disney and Christmas.

What is your guilty pleasure at Christmas?

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